If required, MESH has interior designers ready to consult on layouts of shops, homes or offices. Clients are guided through the process of selecting colours, materials and finishes from a large range of current samples from suppliers. It is about the ‘look.’

MESH has access to state of the art architectural and interior design software. This gives clients tangible understandings of designs.  During consultations, alterations can be made to suit clients’ visions, instead of having to redraw plans. One popular service that MESH provides is to show clients 2D and 3D views of layouts. Upon request, clients are shown interactive ‘walk throughs’  by way of a software function, which shows a realistic virtual view of what each room will look like once the team has finished. 

Specialising in bathroom and kitchen cabinetry design, practical storage ideas, wardrobes and shelving, MESH will deliver results to suit your home, office or shop. Once everything is decided, MESH will liaise with the suppliers on your behalf to ensure that the very best result is achieved. 


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The Mesh Constructions teams are always happy to discuss your next project.
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